Panda Starter

Crypto starter for blockchain projects

An early stage venture capitalists and accelerator for blockchain projects adapting as meme and utility project, Panda Starter creates initial coin offerings, seed/ private sales program for blockchain startups building on BNBChain.
Panda Starter "Blackwhite" program
Panda Starter blackwhite program an idea for private sales are limited to only members, The idea is to get early investors to support a certain project in exchange for cryptocurrency that has the potential to generate substantial profits. This is limited for early investors, categorically for "Become-A-Panda" members.
Panda Starter provides significant importance for investors and startups under the blackwhite program:
  • Investors can raise required capital to increase and aid potential startup projects growth allowing them to build as expected
  • In comparison to the traditional crowd and public sales, investors obtain significantly lower crypto prices. The discounted rates indicate that, when the coins are distributed to the general public, there is a chance of receiving quick and significant returns.
Panda Starter blackwhite program is effective against private sales manipulative schemes such as pump and dump problems such a way, blackwhite sales are limited to only allocation of "Become-A-Panda" members with a community backed by only investors.
Panda starter offers fundraising, management & overall alliance with new low cap startups & seed sales for large scale projects with defined programs. Our investors backed community are sole to invest in potential & outstanding projects. Panda Starter provides for its investors backed community with hold-participate-earn “blackwhite” programs where they can get early access into the best launching projects from PANDA allocations.

Become A Panda

Panda Starter defining features; Your access to crypto gems:
  • Even with our unique “blackwhite” programs defined for investors, Panda starter is fully decentralised, with everything, every contribution, participation happening on a public ledger.
  • No fees. Panda starter welcomes everyone for free, the community for investors or developers aiming to control their own money while choosing quality.
  • No lockups. Panda starter do not require investors/ developers locking their tokens for any period of time.
  • User friendly. Easy to browse platform even for the day1 crypto investor. Panda is user friendly and our meme driven community is the only crypto family you will need.
PANDA token:
PANDA is developed as the community governance & utility token for Panda Starter. Become-A-Panda members (token holders) can participate from Blackwhite programs, stake PANDA to earn rewards and NFTs.
Smart contract:
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